[gun observations]

[gun observations]

This post has been “inspired” by two events that happened today. They are not related per se, but somewhere deep in the core, I still think they are interconnected.

The first event was the bombing at one of the Moscow’s airports, Domodedovo. My friends from Moscow are okay, but the news still shook everyone up. It was a suicide bomber who somehow got into the airport and detonated the bombs right in front of the arrivals gate. I still cannot understand how he managed to get inside the airport when Russians are quite strict about their security, yet that doesn’t matter anymore.


We were discussing this with a friend of mine on our way home. I was looking out the window, watching people walking by on the sidewalks, when I saw a couple of kids, not older than 12 years old. One of them aimed a “gun” (he folded his hands with index fingers pointing as the barrel of the “gun”) at the cars that were waiting for the lights to turn, and “shot.” He “shot” our car too.

I know it was a game and he wasn’t serious. I know that boys are different from girls and I, as a girl, will never fully understand the opposite sex in full, yet that little episode scared me. We were just idling, we weren’t doing anything, and yet he decided to “shoot” us. I can live with playing with people you know, but “shooting” random people on the street?

I don’t know what my future husband’s views will be on toys for boys. Maybe we will have all girls, only God knows. But one thing I know – I don’t want any toy guns (maybe only if it’s a water gun) for my kids to have. I don’t want my kids to play with guns that look like anything real, period. I don’t want them to even pretend to kill someone. I know these games will happen, yet still… I want to minimize that.

Otherwise, should we be surprised that kids kill their peers in schools or serial killers prosper?

What do you think? What’s your take on letting kids play with toy guns?

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