[God’s surprise]

[God’s surprise]

The mood in the morning was not foul, yet was simply blah – a mood when one doesn’t want to do anything. Coffee did little to erase the sleepiness embedded in my bones due to insomnia last night.

Trying to get inspired for some creative work which my job requires, I surfed the net looking at photos and reading the news. A phone call shook me from my reverie of dark thoughts. It was my admin manager Nadya.

“Zee, there’s something wrong with the website. Come look.”

“Great,” I thought. “Problems with the website is the last thing that I need this morning.” Yet as I stood up to go see Nadya, I wondered to myself, “She didn’t sound all that worried…”

I got up, turned, and started walking in Nadya’s direction when I let out a joyful squeal and skipped toward my dear friend who lives in Canada these days. She decided to make a surprise visit without telling anyone!

The moodiness evaporated, substituted with gleeful excitement at seeing my friend Yablonska. She came for the winter holidays to spend time with her family in another part of Ukraine and before leaving for the Canada, she spent a day with us at the Chamber. The day went past quite quickly and we had a lovely dinner at a cafe close to our office, complete with laughter, jokes, stories of what has been going on in our lives, and warm friendship.

When everyone had to get going after the dinner, we asked our waitress to take a picture of all of us. We all huddled together, and the waitress, aiming the cell phone camera (since we all forgot our normal cameras), said something that made us all grin:

“Okay, family picture!”

I keep looking at this picture, and even if the quality of the photo itself is not so good, I can tell: this is my family. I am so thankful.

God knew that nothing but something extraordinary will bring me out of my gloomy mood. And He did just that – something extraordinary.

Yeah, perhaps the cynics will say that it was just a coincidence or that it was nothing extraordinary – a friend came to visit. Yep. But that’s the beauty of our God – He takes what is usual and transforms it into something that is able to lift the burdens of frustration and make the heart rejoice. He is the one who knows the timing impeccably (even when we complain about it so very often). He is the one who rocks my world.

Did you ever have situations in your life that to a simple observer would’ve appeared ordinary but for you it was something profound and meaningful?

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