I have been lucky to meet Lisa-Jo (aka Gypsy Mama) when she and her hubby Pete lived in Kyiv. Back then it was the two of them, but I will not be lying to say that I loved hanging out with them – these two know how to have fun (and now that they’ve got 2 handsome cuties for kids, seems like they moved to a whole new level of fun).

Lisa-Jo keeps a blog – if you haven’t checked it out yet, you should. I am hoping that one day she will write a book (hint-hint, Lisa :D) because her writing is incredibly inspiring.

The idea behind 5-Minute-Friday is to take a picture, and write about it for 5 minutes – no excessive editing, no looking back. Just writing. So, I decided to try it 🙂


“Thank God it’s Friday” as the saying goes.

The first week back is the hardest. You think you missed your work and your laptop and the team, yet once you get it all on Monday, you wonder “Why did I miss this?” The mind doesn’t seem to manage the amount of information, and sleep schedule is all messed up so you fall asleep at 2AM but instead of waking up at 11AM, you have to be up by 7AM. The dreams are washed away with the IV-ed coffee.

On the other hand, I cannot say I am complaining. It is good to feel the camaraderie once again and be in the thick of what is going on instead of pretending to be some ridiculously big vegetable lying on the couch and munching on whatever one can find in the fridge.

All in all, I am glad it’s Friday, but I am glad to be back to work.


Who’s up for 5-minute writing?

  • Zenichka! I love that you linked up! And man, if there was an award you should surely get it – because five minutes for me in Russian? I might have one word 🙂

    I think this was my favorite sentence, it made me smile out loud: "The dreams are washed away with the IV-ed coffee."

    Hee hee – with baby three on the way now I expect I will have many similar mornings.

    We miss you guys and Maidan and Dva Gusya and Church and chai and riding mashrutkas! I love being able to still peek in on you here from time to time.

    Happy Friday my friend!

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    • 5 minutes for you in Russian? Whatcha have in mind?

      IV-ed coffee – yeah, this week was rough.

      WHAT!? There's a fifth Baker on the way? Sweeeeet!

  • Wow that sounds way too familiar. I'm going to be happy to get back to work too.
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  • Heehee, it's nice to know people all over the world can relate to feeling like a ridiculously big vegetable over the holidays. 🙂 It's nice to get back to a routine, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't still thinking fondly of the vegetable routine of two weeks ago…
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    • haha, yeah. big vegetable over the holidays is a universal thing 😀

      thanks for stopping by, Sharone 🙂
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