[new series: lessons from les miserables]

[new series: lessons from les miserables]

A post from a dear brother of mine, Bill Grandi, made me reminisce about the time when I first have discovered Les Miserables for myself.

It was 8 years ago. I watched the movie with a friend of mine starring Liam Neeson and decided that I definitely need to read the book to find out what really happened (since we all know that books are usually way cooler than movies – besides I had quite a handsome Jean Valjean image in my mind’s eye after the movie.)

It was the winter after my grandma passed away and mom and I were remodelling our apartment. I was on winter holidays from school and I borrowed my aunt’s two-tome edition of Les Mis. Since I was tired of walking to the kitchen to grab some snacks and refill my teacup, I stayed in the kitchen. Our kitchen is tiny (5 sq. meters), so I sat on the floor, with my back to the heater, and the fridge right next to me. Two weeks later, I was done with the books and in love with Jean Valjean and Victor Hugo’s writing.

Since then, I am not sure how many times I have re-read the books and my favorite bits and pieces. It just kept getting better every time I’ve read it.

Therefore, I want to write series based on the characters from Les Miserables. The posts will be about the following characters (although not necessarily in that order):

  • Marius
  • Javert
  • Jean Val-Jean
  • Fantine
  • Cosette
  • Bishop Myriel

Have you ever read / watched / listened to Les Miserables?

(Oh, and go check out Bill Grandi’s post🙂

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