[Michael Belk: “Journeys with the Messiah”]

[Michael Belk: “Journeys with the Messiah”]

I rarely advertise anything on my blog, but this one I cannot pass. It is too good not to be shared.

I stumbled upon this artist’s gift at a fellow blogger’s website, James Brett’s. Check out the post he wrote – on truth and grace.


However, while I enjoyed reading that post, it was the picture that Brett chose that stopped me dead in the tracks. It was a photograph of Jesus and a Nazi man, walking side by side on a country road. I went to check out the source website and 2 weeks later I am still talking about the project. The photographs are made by Michael Belk, a guy who was a fashion photographer for 30 years (Vogue, GQ, etc). He felt God asking him, “Are you using all that I gave you for yourself or you are spreading My news?” So, this was the answer Michael Belk gave God.

Here’s a short video about the Project called “Journeys with the Messiah”:

Check out the entire gallery here.

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