[reflections about tithing]

[reflections about tithing]

After a brunch with my pastor, I was supposed to meet with mom and as I walked to our meeting place, I reflected on the things my pastor and I have discussed. One of the points was tithing – since I have been elected as a treasurer, I got to be more involved in the entire process of accounting for what we’ve got and thinking what can be done with the funds we have.

There are many opinions about tithing. Some say it’s Old Testament stuff so we should not care for it anymore (which makes me wonder if they want to do it NT way – sell all they have and live as a community). Some follow the Prosperity Gospel (which makes me think that those people might as well try to worship two gods – the God and money… since they expect material well being from tithing… Did they miss out the entire chapters where Jesus and His apostles talked about having nothing of their own?)… In our Church we believe that tithing is an act of showing trust to God – besides giving Him what belongs to Him anyway.

Often tithing “process” reminds me of a kid who has been given a chocolate bar by his mom. Technically, the chocolate bar is entirely mom’s… yet she chooses to give it to her kid because she knows he likes it. However, the kids often think that they have earned the chocolate and don’t even share it with their parents.

I have to confess that I haven’t always been a faithful giver. Yet this past year, I decided to do it every single month. It was easy in the beginning of the year, but it was almost funny that I hesitated in the end of the year when my salary has been raised and I got a bonus. It was almost like “Well, this sum of money is pretty big… I can do a lot of things with it.” Thankfully, God gently reminded me that I still had 90% left and that I knew where my tithe would be used.  Heh… It is true that it is easier to give when you don’t have a lot 🙂 Weird, but true. But it’s so rewarding – not in material way, but in learning to trust God more and more with these little things.

Did you ever have doubts about whether to tithe or not?

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