[wrapped Gift]

[wrapped Gift]

Finished watching the Jesus movie (’99 one) as always with a wide grin on my face. I can’t help it, the resurrection scene never ceases to inspire such joy in my heart that all I can do is grin.

Considering that a lot of my friends have celebrated Christmas yesterday (over here we celebrate Christmas on 7th of January), I have been thinking about it a lot. All this “presents / gifts” talk made me think: the Gift was indeed given to us on CHRISTmas… Yet, it remained wrapped on Christmas morning 2,000+ years ago.

It was unwrapped 33 years later, on Easter. That was when the Gift demonstrated what it can do – the very reason He was given to us.

Therefore, if I had to choose the holiday I like better (even though one without the other would not make any sense) I would choose Easter – the Resurrection day when the Gift was unwrapped, only linens remained folded neatly.

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