[back to being a kid]

[back to being a kid]

When we are kids, we want to grow up.
We think that being an adult rocks.
We think that we will finally be free.
But if anything, adulthood only brings more responsibilities
And often robs us of our freedom.

When we are adults, we long to go back
And be kids again.
To play like there’s not a care in this life.
To swing high and giggle with delight.
To color outside the lines and still have fun.

Thank God we are free to take ourselves “back in time.”
We still have the opportunity to become a kid,
We only need to allow ourselves to relax and
Truly enjoy little things that make life fun.

Last week I came up with an idea of how to decorate our office for the upcoming Christmas. Lately I have spent a lot of time around kids, so this was the result – I decided to make a hand-tree, similar to what the kiddos recently made at the Sunday School. I got the green construction paper and distributed it among the Chamber team members. It was fun to watch people reminisce about their childhoods while they tried to outline their hands and cut the outlines out. “Haven’t done this in YEARS!” was the common comment. Today I finally got all of the hands (even my boss’ who also took a couple of minutes out of his busy schedule to outline his hands on the paper), Scotch-taped them together, and hung the final creation at our Reception.

Here’s what we’ve got:

This tree, besides representing all our Chamber team, also has two extra hands for those team members who left the Chamber – one is on maternity leave and another is in Canada, supporting local AmCham.

We are one team and I am thankful that I am a part of it.

  • That's so cool.

    • thanks Michael 😀 it was really fun to do and to see the reactions of people. i guess i was the only one at the office who has ever done this kind of Christmas trees… hmmm 😀
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  • Totally cool Zee! Gotta admit though. I have never seen one of these before. That means I was either deprived as a kid or was never one to start with. 😛

    • really?! i've done these sooo many times throughout the 18 years in the Sunday School and camps… you should do one of these with your grandson 🙂 i bet he will like the activity 😀
      My recent post back to being a kid

  • I'm getting out the colored paper right now. 🙂

  • We all need to play once in a while, even as adults! Sounds like a time of bonding for your team.

    • it was a great team time indeed!

  • Lee

    there were times that you wish you have a time machine that can take you back to the time when you were still a kid. times that all you have to do is eat, play and sleep. however, what's fun bout being an adult is having the life you want it to be yours

  • shark_bait

    I agree – Very cool.

  • Lee

    @zenichka it is a very unique christmas tree. with a the head of santa and the of cookie monster of sesame street..hehehe..i love it. can i copy it for our office display as well?

  • Zenichka

    @Lee: feel free to use the idea – one condition only: you have to have a lot of fun while creating this tree – otherwise it will be grumpy and sad 🙂

    I agree re: what you about being an adult and having the life we want. I guess we just shouldn't squish the kids in us by trying to pretend we never were kids 🙂

  • Zenichka

    @shark_bait – thanks! 🙂

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