[saying no]

[saying no]

Wrote this a couple of nights ago, but since I already posted something that day, this had to wait… Thankfully, I am feeling better now than I was feeling back then, but I still wanted to share this… I feel like David sometimes he was writing his psalms. I am not claiming to be him, but I can certainly relate to his feelings when he thought everything was against him yet God always was there to support him and be the wind beneath the wings.

Everyone tells me “Learn to say ‘no'”
But how can I?

“The need does not equal to a call”
Good quote… But who will do the job?

Or maybe I am just so proud of my abilities
That I cannot refuse do “that one more thing”?

I think I am going to crash,
Crash badly.

Engines are whining and striving,
Yet the air cannot carry the weight.
Like an airplane, I am due for a Tarmac.

Will I crash or will I land?
Only God knows because He is the wind that carries me.

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