[the observer]

[the observer]

I went to the 30 Seconds to Mars concert tonight. Learned a few lessons, but will talk about them later. Because I managed to get sick (very lightheaded) even before Mars guys got on the stage, I had to hastily make my way out of the crowd and sit on the floor for a couple of minutes until the feeling passed. I was okay after a .5 liter of water and a bit of fresher air (it wasn’t fresh because people smoked…), but I had no way of getting back to my friends, so I stood in the back and… yes, observed. Since I had my iPod with me, I typed while listening to the music pulsing through me.

Standing in the crowd, yet apart from the crowd.
Always an observer of life.

The music is about to start but the waiting is long.
Thoughts about my friends in the crowd are traipsing around my mind.

What am I doing here is another persistent thought.
I do not belong here, yet my friends are here.
Who are they? Who am I?

He tells them to jump and they jump.
He tells them to lift their hands and they do.

The atmosphere is reminiscent of a Christian conference,
Yet the spirit is different.
No peace; pure excitement.

I stand in the crowd, yet not of the crowd.
Almost everyone jumps, only a few still simply enjoy the music.

Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!
As if when people will not jump, they won’t enjoy the song.
And they jump.

In the crowd, yet not there.
Always an observer, I stand and sing the lyrics.
Granted, with slight changes – it goes against my nature to sing that I believe in nothing.

The end. The crowds disperse yet emotions linger.
It’s a memory now.
A memory to learn from and revisit once in a while.

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