The other day I was at the Chamber Christmas Wine Tasting event. I was responsible for telling people about the two innovations that the Chamber implemented, so for the entire evening (almost) I spent at the table with another gal and three lappies, chatting away and observing people who mingled around.

At the end of the evening there was a lottery. Among the prizes were bottles of wine, gift certificates for business lunch, and the highlight were two round-trip airline tickets to Paris.

Each person who had their Membership card got a lottery ticket. Once the number was taken from a huge bowl and read out loud, the person with matching ticket would have to walk up front to get their prize.

A couple stood next to the table I was at, both had the tickets. In the middle of the lottery, the number was called, the gal glanced at her ticket, and it was her number. She did not believe at first, but walked up front and after checking the numbers, she was indeed the winner of a bottle of wine.

The next number was called and the guy looks at his ticket, surprise in his eyes. He starts to get through the crowd to get his bottle of wine… but another guy walks up front from the middle of the crowd.

The guy re-checks his ticket, looks at his lady friend with a confused expression. “Go check it out,” she tells him. He shrugs the notion away and stands where he is, the lottery ticket still in his hand.

I was watching this entire time and was about to ask the guy his contact info, just in case there was a misunderstanding, but decided to wait until the end of the lottery.

Finally the main prize was announced. “Who will be the lucky winner of tickets to Paris?” Everyone in the room froze, all eyes on their ticket numbers.

The number was announced and the guy who still stood next to my table looks at his ticket… Then at his girlfriend. Then back to the ticket. And then he walked up front.

His number was the one that won the main prize.

That made me wonder… How often in real life do we miss out THE Prize because we think our number was already called out? How often we think we are right and we walk up front, only to be declared wrong in front of all those people?

Just thoughts to ponder on…

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