[never assume]

[never assume]

I always try to keep that phrase in my mind, no matter what I do. NEVER EVER ASSUME.

Today was a classic case of why assuming does not work out in 80% of the cases. As some of you know, my assistant, Nastya, has left the Chamber last week and moved to another job. I’ve got a new girl coming next Tuesday, but until Natasha comes, I’m covering all bases which includes posting our Members’ press-releases on the website.

I got an e-mail which made me laugh…

Dear Zena!

My name is ***, I am a PR-specialist in ***. As far as I understand, you have recently joined the ACC Communications team, and I am pleased to congratulate you with the appointment. I used to cooperate with your predecessor, Ms. Anastasiya ***, on placing our news and press-releases on the ACC website newsfeed. So, I kindly ask you to place our new press-release on DPC.

My admin manager and I laughed about this, considering that I was at the Chamber for over two years now, a year longer than Nastya was. So I politely replied, “Thank you for your warm congratulations, but I have been a part of the Chamber for 2.5 years. I will be happy to upload the press-releases to the Chamber website until my new assistant comes next week instead of Anastasia.” I was in a snappier mood than that, but I decided to be polite.

The thing that irritated me was the gal’s assumption. I know her intent was good, but still – why say something you have no idea about?


NEVER EVER ASSUME… even when you’re 98% sure that the information is correct.

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