[midnight thoughts]

[midnight thoughts]

It has been quiet in the Blogosphere this week. A lot of my online friends took a break from blogging and while I had a very busy week considering that I am without an assistant for a week and not so much time to write and read, it’s been sort of lonely.

I have lost count how many times I’ve read the phrase “Happy Thanksgiving” today. However, while it’s a good holiday, it makes me sad (like most of the big holidays for the past 8 years). It’s not that I cannot enjoy fun times with my friends and mom. It’s not that I am not thankful for so many things God has shared with me. I guess I just miss the family gatherings we used to have when my aunt and my grandma were alive and my cousin still lived in Kyiv. Yeah, I’ll admit it – I feel jealous when people are talking about how they are going to spend this time with their families, seeing grandparents, gather together around a huge deliciousness-laden tables, and simply have fun together.

Okay, I have to admit another thing – I did gather together with my “third family” today around a table of yummies. The third family is my work buddies, my Chamber team. Of course there are times when we’re at each other’s throats, but I guess every real family has those times. And my work team is one of the blessings I am extremely thankful this year.

Oh, and check out our turkey! (It’s handpainted, by the way 😀 Thankfully I keep a Ziploc of crayons at work…)

We thought about getting a real turkey, but since we had a meeting with a minister of transport until 2PM and then at 4PM we had an HR committee meeting, we could not really spare too much time on having lunch. Therefore, it was simple, yet great time of team-building and laughter.

So, while my US friends would probably look at this and think “Oh, she did not experience the TRUE Thanksgiving dinner,” I can counter that with “I am thankful for what I’ve got – and it’s more than enough to make me smile even at the end of a very busy and tiring day.”

And I think, that’s the entire point: to remind us about what we have and don’t notice sometimes.


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