[how much is too much?]

[how much is too much?]

This has been on my mind for some time now. Have to warn you, though: this post will contain its portion of venting – I am sick of the issue.

What issue?

Healthy food.

Now. Let me explain. I am not against healthy foods and eating habits and lifestyle. If anything, I am for it – mom can attest to the fact that I am absolutely in love with broccoli and cauliflower and veggies.

The reason for venting, then? Healthy food freaks. Yes, I am sorry if I am stepping on someone’s toes but I am sick of people whose only topic at the lunch / dinner table is how to eat properly, what oatmeal is GMO-less, and the fact that McD’s is very bad for your health.

The comment that set me off today (and I mean, SET ME OFF – I was venting mad) was about M&Ms.

On the way to work we somehow got onto the subject of chocolate chip cookies and the absence of real chocolate chips in Ukraine (yeah, we are losers). I mentioned that one can use plain chocolate M&Ms as a substitute – besides tasting good, it also looks fun because the colors spill onto the dough.

The gal from work scrunched her face, “Oh, that food coloring stuff is so bad…”

I looked at her, “You ate M&Ms when we had those at the office and did not complain.” (We had some leftover chocolate treats after one of our events and all the staff got some – she was not staying in the shadow and watching us eat, but ate them too…)

“Yeah, but I did not see the colors ‘spill’ onto the cookie.”

I rolled my eyes. I could not help it. I was mad.

With my mood spoiled for the entire day (add the weather and my general November depression, it happens) I pondered on the question: “Why did it irk me so much when someone starts speaking too much about healthy foods?” I mean, I like healthy foods. I do not have anything against them per se. So what set me off?

The more I have thought about this, the more it reminded me of some people’s evangelizing attempts. I am not saying that I got it all figured out, but sometimes a lot of good stuff can be too much. We are the salt of the world, but the world cannot consist of salt only. Salt is a good thing, but I think everyone had a chance to try a dish that was overly salty: doesn’t taste good and the salt loses its value.

Healthy foods, like evangelization, is necessary. But (and I might be criticized for what I am going to say next), when one becomes a healthy food freak or wants to convert everyone he / she meets… well… that is not healthy.


The result might be exactly the opposite. Regarding the food – I often joke that my “diet” is whatever my body craves. I have learned to listen to my body’s desires (not all of them, of course) and when I choose what I want to eat, I choose only what I want to eat. Often it is something like broccoli (I think I can eat it every day and not get tired) or dairy products. Sometimes I crave Coke or McD’s Royal Cheeseburger with Bacon. Fun thing is… those friends of mine who are crazy about eating only healthy foods get sick way more often than I do… Go figure. The thing that makes me grin the most is that these days it’s nearly impossible to decide what is really healthy and what isn’t.

Regarding sharing the Good News, if someone would try to evangelize me, it would be quite difficult – even though I am a Christian and a PK. Unless I trust that person and know him / her well, it will be difficult for me to believe that person. Once the respect is earned, I will listen. If it wasn’t earned, it would be tough to earn it later. That’s just the kind of person I am.

So the whole point is… please do not make someone’s life over-salted – but do share as much salt with him / her as you can to make their life delicious and prepare for eternity (since it will go on forever, we will need a lot of salt later to keep us fresh). And be real about it – not some salt substitute which does not have calories.

I am off my soap box and off to bed.

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