[Church in 3D???]

[Church in 3D???]

Stumbled upon a Twitter update today from Mashable about a topic that piqued my curiosity.

Would You Attend a Church Service in 3D? (you can check the entire article here)

Once again, I feel rather unnerved about this.

Church in 3D? What’s that all about? Why would someone need 3D to experience God’s Presence? Or is Church about something else rather than coming together and experiencing Him?

It was only a matter of time before the holy got hip.


I feel like I am more of a fundamentalist in these matters. I simply do not understand why would someone want to go to a 3D Church (besides being simply entertained… and if you’re going to Church to be entertained how is it different from going to a bar or movies?)…

Seriously, people… Please tell me that I am not the only one who thinks it’s weird…

*SIGH* This once again proves (for me, anyway) that the persecuted Church has their values aligned correctly and ours are dangerously skewed and about to fall off the plane.

And of all things… Christmas… It does not compute in my mind – the glory and majesty of that humble night… marketed and showed in 3D.

You’ve never seen Christmas like this.

Phrase from the video

Nope, and I do not want to! Christmas is not for us being entertained, it’s for Him to be praised!

At times like this, even the tech geek in me hates technology.

  • I agree. I like my church and it is in person. I think that is best ๐Ÿ™‚
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    • thanks, David. I like my Church in person too ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I think that 3D church could be a huge hook. People like my dad are willing to shell out $5 more for 3D movie tickets than they are for regular ones. The pastor is using it to draw in 125,000 people.

    On the other hand, "Struggling to decide between going to church this holiday season or checking out a new flick (say, Tron) in 3D? Well, now you can merge the two experiences, because a church in Florida is hosting 20 3D services this year." Sounds really ominous. I'd rather go to church to meet with God and my brothers and sisters than to be entertained.
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    • movies – yeah, have almost nothing against them (although they are proved to be bad for eyesight if watched too often and i get a headache when i watch those)… but CHURCH? I guess this is when we come face to face with how people define Church. how can you show God's presence in 3D? seriously – i do not see the point. Christmas movie in 3D – yeah. but Church?? *shrug*

      I'd rather go to church to meet with God and my brothers and sisters than to be entertained. – well, this is one of those times when i would say yes to both of those – because meeting with God IS entertaining… only not in the sense that most people understand the term "being entertained"…

  • ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks.Bill.

  • I don't know.. I mean – I PREFER face-to-face one-on-one interaction for corporate worship… but, church is not a place or a format – it is people… I think we're confronted with the uncomfortable fact that people are seeking relational connection in non-traditional ways, more and more.

    I see things like this as attempts at making connection points – that we need to nurture into real community. We need to remember that "church" is not a place, time, format, or type of venue – it is a community of people.

    Since my church started its online church we've seen people come to our physical location after having first worshiped with us online. We've also seen members of our community who've moved away stay connected to the community through our online church.

    I think we need to cultivate a strong passion for the souls of people – a passion that spurs creativity of method and means to save those souls. What we cannot afford to do is to allow those methods to prohibit us from expecting and exemplifying community.
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    • You have a valid point, Herb. I do like technology and ability to share the experience with more people than can make it to the service… And it's great that your Church has found a way to use the tech opportunities to the utmost.

      I guess the reason why the Christmas in 3D thing rattled me so much is because I do not see the point… if it's a Church service, then what's the point in 3D? if it's like a play, why not just show a movie?

      We need to remember that "church" is not a place, time, format, or type of venue – it is a community of people. – exactly…

      **shrug** I do not know.

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