[which one is the right one??]

[which one is the right one??]

A lot of times, I am inspired by what I either read or watch. Such was the case just now after I finished watching Mr. Nobody. WOW! I love the Big Bang theory (because I think it directly speaks of God creating the universe, but that’s not the point of the post) and the theory of 9 dimensions! Ooooooh, suffice to say that my forever-curious soul’s interest was intrigued.

I do not want to spoil the fun of watching this movie for those who would like to see it, but it is a very good one. Granted, there are a couple of scenes I would not show kids, but the overall experience of it is worthy of taking the time to watch it (IMHO).

Nemo Nobody, a 118 year old man, walks a young reporter through his (Nemo’s) life and the journalist can’t help but wonder… What was true and what wasn’t? The stories Nemo tells contradict each other: different girls, kids / no kids, life / death… The question that bothers the reporter is the one that bothers all of us at one point of time or another: “Which choice is the right one?”

Nemo laughs and says, Each of these lives is the right one! Every path is the right path. Everything could have been everything else and it will have just as much meaning.”

We often wonder what is the right job for us or who is the “one” for us… but I do not think there is only ONE job where we would be using our God-given abilities best. Neither I think that we only have ONE person we were destined for – as someone (I can’t remember who, I think it was Pete Wilson or James Brett or someone) said “What if our “ONE” was accidentally taken by another? The world would collapse then.”

It boggles my mind to think that God can keep track of all these infinite number of possibilities. Every choice is like a butterfly effect – brings on consequences.

Whatever we choose – let’s make our choices count.

IMPORTANT SIDENOTE: (I thought that I better make myself clear before someone else misunderstands me) – when I talked about “the one,” I meant it in the “husband / wife” way… NOT God. I still believe (and will continue to believe and know) that He is the One God, YHWH, the Creator of Heaven and Earth. Some may call me narrow-minded, but in this case choosing God is the only right choice. The other one will not result in pink and fluffy happy ending. Just thought I’d mention it.

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