Just a note... this is more of a random personal record-keeping entry. There’s no real point to it, I just needed to write the thoughts out of my head so I could finally fall asleep.

It’s 1:05AM and I am still up. Sleep eludes me. Thoughts, however, do not.

The thoughts are absolutely random. From images of Jared Leto (just watched a movie with him, Mr. Nobody – did not finish because… not sure why) to quantum physics and Big Bang Theory (no, not the TV show). My cat is right next to me, warming me with her little furry body and making sure my arms are clean by licking them while holding them with all her paws. Sometimes I think that only God and my Liz know what is going on with me. And they both know that sometimes words aren’t necessary to transfer the peacefulness and make me smile. The way she curls up on her back next to Jacy and looks at me with those huge blue eyes and grins… My cat can grin. My cat is a gift from God… along with numerous other gifts.

I am helping with Kids’ Club in the morning, then walking my friends’ dog Jake, and then going to Hillsong for a service. Hopefully all the activity will make my mind tired and I will be able to get a decent night’s sleep finally. It has been some time.


I have started a new book today. Seems like I only start them these days, but never fully finish. This one is Max Lucado’s Outlive Your Life. It reads like a classic Lucado – whole chapters at a time – but frankly, right now it depresses me more than encourages. The reason… No idea.

Wow, I am a mess, eh? Heh…


I need to sleep.

Good night, everyone.

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