[logic vs. moral principles]

[logic vs. moral principles]

Watched the latest House episode just now where Cuddy makes House hire a girl, Masters, into the team. Most of the episode, House and Masters butt heads because Masters is adamant at breaking moral codes – lying, sneaking into the patient’s home, treating the patient with different drugs than he wanted, and not telling the entire truth. 

House is mad. He fires her three times and ends up hiring her anyway. But the thing is… Where House is logical (and experienced) regarding the treatment of the patient, Masters was moral. 

And you know… She bugged me too. From the very start, I disliked her – she was like Miss Do-It-Right… And I guess sometimes I prefer to be logical more than morally right. My friend J teases me that my biological dad (whom I do not know) was a Vulcan because I love logic.

But it makes me wonder… If I were in Masters’ shoes, would I stick to logic or moral principles? 

That’s a scary question because I know the “right” answer to it and I am not sure I would choose it.

How about you? Do you ever struggle between moral principles and logic? Or is my logic skewed? (I promise I would not be offended if you choose latter)…

  • you did tell me that, but that's not really what i was talking about. healing on Sabbath and fighting in Church was not immoral because he did not break any real moral codes. he did not lie and he did not tell half-truths or treat someone one way instead of another way…
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    • So you are limiting morality to modern medical ethics and honesty? Christ was always honest. But he always treated illness in radically different ways. He treated blindness with spit. I bet that blind guy would have liked to get sight without having to get spit on, but I bet he didn't complain about it either.

      • Well, in this case, yes, I am limiting "morality" to medical ethics and honesty because I just wanted to assess what would be my actions if I were in Masters' shoes (because for a very long period – 11 years – I wanted to be a doctor, a surgeon).

        So what if Jesus told the blind guy: you can get well if I use my spit mixed with mud, or you can have a laser surgery (lets use imagination) but the latter might not be effective. What if the person would choose laser surgery over spit? (Which could've easily happened)

        BUT… *sigh* Jesus makes up for a bad example because He's perfect in every single way and besides He knew everything (He KNOWS everything)…

        BUT, what if it weren't Jesus, but one of His disciples (who knew that the spit would heal immediately, but also knew that the blind man would trust the laser surgery easier than spit) just didn't tell about the availability of laser surgery? Would that be considered immoral or logical?

        Seems logical to me.

  • I prefer someone to be guided by moral code than logic. Logic can change with the wind or with the next best thing that comes down the pike. A moral code based on the bible (which I believe establishes the code) never changes. A lie is always a lie. A theft is always a theft. Etc. So I would prefer someone I could trust to do what is right all the time (or at least struggle doing what is right).
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    • yes, I agree. logic indeed can change because different factors can come to light which will need to be considered.

      i guess my main struggle is to be moral AND logical…

  • Debbie Gamache

    Biblical moral codes always bring good fruits and blessings. Man's logic does change. God's thinking doesn't always line up the way we like it; but it always serves a perpose. So I pray, follow Biblical moral codes and follow God's direction. Sometimes it seems wierd, but it always proves out. Obedience and knowing God's will and direction always brings peace.

    • haha, so true – "God's direction sometimes seems weird yet it always proves out."

      thanks for stopping by, Debbie 🙂

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