[revisiting good memories]

[revisiting good memories]

My friend Jonathan and I started talking about the music bands we like and I was once again taken back in time, 3 years to be exact. The times when I was in the States.

The song above is by a band called Lystra’s Silence. Dad knew them personally and so when we went to their concert in Idaho Falls, he introduced me to Sherry, Tim, Dave, and Jon. It was great – considering that during the concert Dave mentioned “Who here is from a different country?” Some were from New Zealand, some were from Canada, some were from other states… and later, I became the token Ukrainian in the crowd.

As we came home after the concert, dad and I went to sit on the porch swing outside in the backyard, as we usually did every single evening, looked at the stars (there were some glorious meteorites too), and sang “So Complete” at the top of our lungs, meaning every word. It was great.

It became “our song,” sort of. One of us would randomly start singing that song and the other would join.

I miss those times.

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