[good theology, like good sex…]

[good theology, like good sex…]

A phrase from God Who Smokes made an impression on me a couple of weeks ago and ever since it comes to mind every now and then.

Good theology, like good* sex, is not optional for the survival of the human race.

Timothy J. Stoner

When I mentioned this quote to my mom (a pastor), at first she looked at me like “How on earth could you compare those two?” but then understanding dawned on her – I could see it so clearly because I myself went through the same process.

This makes me think of a seminar one of our missionaries taught at the girls’ camp. It was a last minute decision to ask him to share. The night before the camp was due to start, I found out that the gal whom I asked to lead the seminar could not make it. “Don’t Panic” advice from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy came to mind. I went to bed asking God to do something. In the morning, during my shower, the answer came (yes, God likes to share His ideas with me there, of all the places). At first I was confused, “God, this was supposed to be an all-girls camp – no boys… even if they are pastors.” However, after discussing this idea with a couple of people, I approached Bob. “Can you please talk about relationships between girls and boys from a guy’s standpoint?”

He agreed and let me tell you – I knew he was a terrific speaker before, but here the girls (and the staff) were all leaning forward, hanging on to every word.

He talked about few things, but one of them was sex. “God made it – Satan perverted it. It was supposed to be the wonderful experience between two people, man and his wife.” But what we mostly see these days is “Life bent into death,” as Timothy Stoner puts it.

Theology these days can be pretty twisted as well. C.S. Lewis in “Screwtape Letters” and Jesus Himself exposed the lies that can be used to pervert what was meant as a guiding rail into a deadly trap. The legalism or the lie of Open Theism… two extremes of one pendulum that swings and can kill if not stopped.

What do you think about that quote? Do you find it true or you would disagree?

*good – i.e. the way God created it to be – my clarification.
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