[team-mates and teamwork]

[team-mates and teamwork]

This week has been completely random. I got sick on Sunday evening and because I did not want to stay home, I did go to work, but most of the time I was in some sort of a La-La land not sure what am I supposed to do. I did work and did the stuff I needed to, but in a woozy fashion. It was one of those weeks when I was especially grateful for my assistant Nastya. It’s not like I am not grateful every single day, but there are times when I am especially glad.

However, today there were some… I can’t say bad news, because… Anyway. After long consideration, Nastya is leaving the Chamber. When our HR Coordinator told me that in the morning, I was a bit shocked. I am happy for Nastya that she is moving on and exploring new horizons, but I am sad because it would mean that I would get someone else… and I really enjoy working with Nastya.

As I went through the remainder of the day, I kept reminiscing about the time when I asked my HR friend as well as our Admin manager if Nastya can be my assistant. Back then, she was just in Communications team and Anya, HR gal, was looking for someone to help me. I knew that Nastya likes websites and code as much as I do so I jumped at the opportunity. We made a great team (at least I think so…)

Now there will be someone else – and I have no idea what to do about it. Well, rather – there’s nothing I can do about it, but I just hope that s/he and I will be able to be as good a team as Nastya and I were.

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