[book list]

[book list]

I once tried to keep an Excel file where I recorded every book I’ve read as well as what I thought about it. Not a full-pledged review, but just a few words about it.

I failed after 2 months because they ended up being very intense book-wise. But today I once again thought, why not start over? Not sure about the format of the list, but I will think of something to put on this blog (too bad I can’t use Amazon widget since I do not have an account there).

Got another book in the mail today – this time not from a publisher, but from a dear on-line friend of mine 😉 (tee hee, I think the PO people will soon recognize me without my passport considering how often I started to come there). The book is the Unquenchable Worshipper by Matt Redman. Considering that Matt Redman was in Kyiv, Ukraine a few months ago when Passion 2010 was here and I went to that concert / worship, it will be fun to read this book.

So… Armed with a cup of tea, I am off to the bookworm’s heaven.

  • kelybreez

    Hey, Zee, I've been keeping an excel list of all the books I read, for about 10 years now. It's actually cool to go back and remember what was going on when I was reading… And lots of times I say, "Wow, I didn't know I'd ever read that book!" But the coolest thing is seeing a book that was AWESOME and deciding to read it again. It is amazing how much I forget about a book…

    • wow, that is awesome… 10 years!

      once at the office someone found a list of 100 books you have to read in your lifetime – it was kinda cool to read and compare who read what… and i was surprised that i've read a lot of those books too…

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