[random question]

[random question]

I am wondering… At the Church board meeting today we have discussed how we don’t have time during the week to get together and study Bible because of work. Being the web person on the board, I have offered to maybe do the Bible studies online. When people said that they don’t have internet access at home, my idea kind of deflated.

However, I still wonder… whether I should start blogging in Russian as well as in English. The reason why I am wondering is because I don’t really write in Russian. Not creatively, that is. However, this might be something fun.

Would you write a blog in different languages if you were fluent in both? Or would you stick to one language?

  • I think it would depend on your target audience. I would hope mine would still come in English. LOL

    • valid point. i got two target audiences – i've got a lot of friends overseas, but i live in Ukraine (and Russia isn't far away either) and so the prevalent speaking language around here is Russian…

  • To be honest I would. Our church translates everything into Spanish and it seems to reach more people.

    • Spanish would be cool too… too bad i am not fluent in it yet…

  • My first reaction (as you might expect) is concern over your phrase, "don’t have time during the week to get together and study Bible because of work". I applaud your attempt at making Bible study more easily possible. Keep up the thinking.

    As far as translations, I currently have a bar at the bottom of my blog powered by Wibiya <a href="http://(http://www.wibiya.com/” target=”_blank”>(http://www.wibiya.com/ ). There's a "translate" button a reader can select to change all the posts to the language on the drop down list. May or may not work, but at least it's a possible option.
    My recent post Got A Running Partner

    • well, what i meant is while we get time to study the Bible, oftentimes we (the 7 people on the Church board) just have free time on different days / times, so we can't really get together besides saturday / sunday. even our Church board meetings vary in timing because we all have to juggle other work-related stuff or ministry-related stuff. that's why I was trying to think "outside the bun" so to speak… and maybe 'cuz i got used to the fact that i have internet access anywhere.

      heh, i've looked at the option of automatic translation, but then, considering that sometimes i like to use plays on words and slang, the automatic translations that are generated sometimes mean exactly the opposite of what i was trying to say. case in point – http://nazareneblogs.org/zenichka/2010/09/22/oh-t

      thanks for the advice, though 😉 will look at it again 🙂

  • it would be a large time investment, but i think this actually might work… if not for the Church board members (at least not all), it will be available for the young guys and gals at our Church who pretend they don't know English (when they don't know I'm around, I don't see them struggling with the language… when they see me, they suddenly "forget" it)… 😀 so we'll see. but that's an important issue to consider as well. thanks 🙂

  • hawkotaco

    If you feel like you would have enough people look at it to make it worth your extra time, I think it would be a great idea to blog in Russian. Hopefully some of the content from this blog could be used on your Russian blog as well so you weren't having to come up with content for two entirely different blogs. Do you think you would do it as a new page here or as a separate blog?

    • well, it would've been cool if nazblogs had something like qTranslate installed or something – basically a plugin that would allow me to write the blog in two languages… since i was thinking about writing about the same ideas in two languages.

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