[let there be light!]

[let there be light!]

I came to Church in the morning and walked into a dark sanctuary. Considering the windows along one wall, it was not completely dark. “Probably they just decided not to turn the lights on for now,” I thought, walking toward the stage, my fingers already itching to touch the strings on my baby Fender.

By the time I walked to the stage I found out that the electricity is out. “Oh… I guess I didn’t have to come this early, then – there’s no point for me to take my bass out – I can’t play without the amp.”

“No, some of the outlets work.”


Turned out that half of the outlets on the stage and throughout the building were working (and some lights were on, yet not the ones in the sanctuary.) So we hooked up all the instruments, lighted some candles, and thought that “Well, we’ll have a candlelight service. No one will suspect a thing since the projector with the songs also worked.” The only not-so-convenient thing was that it was hard to see the chords in the semi-darkness.

We (the worship team) finally finished setting everything up and got together to pray. As one of the gals prayed, I thought to myself “This would be absolutely awesome if we finish praying right now and the lights come on. It would be like the prayer is bringing the Light into the darkness…” The thoughts passed through my brain and I concentrated on the prayer again.

Obviously, God considered that thought a prayer, too.

We finished praying, it was time to start the service, people were gathering slowly. In the semi-darkness, we took our places… and the lights came on!

I think I yelled “Hurray!” 😀 It was just so cool – just a couple of moments I prayed that the lights would come on… and they did!

Maybe a sceptic would find a way to say that this was just a coincidence. I believe that coincidence is when God decides to stay anonymous. In this case, He wasn’t even trying to be really anonymous.

We had a great time of worship and the entire day was amazing.

Our God is an awesome God. He reigns in Heaven above with wisdom, power, and love. Our God is an awesome God.

P.S. The picture above is from EBR-1, the world’s first nuclear power plant (located in Idaho) – and those light bulbs were among the very first light bulbs that were powered by the electricity from a power plant. The pic was taken by me in August ’07.

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