[observing people]

[observing people]

I had a blast today at the Team Building our managers prepared for us at work. Pictures will come later (probably on Monday) but we had fun! At least most of us.

First all the Chamber team got together on -4 level parking (it has a part of it outside since our building is built on a steep hill) and we had our assigned places where to stand and together we formed our logo – ACC – which was photographed from the top level.

Later, we took pictures according to our teams (Communications, Admin, Events, etc) and after smiling and laughing so much that our cheeks hurt (as well as were stuck in permanent grinning position), we bundled into a bus and went bowling.

I took my time playing, but most of the time I was observing… and mostly it was one person whom I was observing.

I did chat with my boss and a friend of mine on the way to the bowling alley. Everyone mingled around, sipping juice / beer / wine… Everyone was enjoying the time together, the fact that it was a Friday and also that our Team Building started at 2PM which meant really short working day.

One person fell outside the general mood.

Not only she did not play bowling (so someone from her team played in her stead all the time), but she brought her work computer, connected to the internet, and spent the entire time either working on her computer or telling her subordinates what they should do work-wise.

I think EVERYONE noticed that and talked about it. Seriously… She sat there, at a table in a bowling alley, and worked.

I have to side-note, however. I am not against working when work should be done, but in this case, it was rude. Considering that my boss who is 100 times more busy and got 100 times more work to do, he still decided to put it off for a couple of hours because for him, our Chamber team matters more than just e-mails. And I do not believe that her e-mails were any more urgent than my boss’ one.

So I see three possible reasons why she did that… Either she wanted to show our boss that she is working so hard and diligently… Second idea is that she wanted to show that she’s busier than my boss (which is dumb)… Third – that she simply was not able to finish her stuff on time, so she had to work when everyone was enjoying getting to know the colleagues better.

I don’t know. I just had to let it out… It bothers me.

Oh well… to each his own.

But the rest of us had a GREAT TEAM BUILDING TIME!!! Let’s Go, Chamber Team, Let’s Go!

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