[greek salad of life]

[greek salad of life]

I was chatting with my friend Jonathan about a month ago and something I wrote in chat surprised me. It was one of those times when you say something and then you wonder “Where did that come from?”

“I like my share of adventures, but they are seasoning in the Greek salad of life.”

Greek salad of life…

Just like Ted Dekker’s Quad-logy, Black /  Red / White / Green or those bracelets everyone made at the Church camps, our lives follow the same principle.

There are black olives of moments that we wish we could erase from our lives but which keep reappearing.

There is red tomato of His sacrifice that saved us and which sowed the seeds of Truth inside of us.

There is white feta cheese representing the purity He offers.

There are green herbs reminding us that we grow in Him.

Most of the time we think of the salvation as one straight-lined movement up. You get saved and that is it – you become perfect.

I wish.

More often than not, our lives are like that Greek salad: all ingredients present. We wish to take away the olives (personally, I really dislike them…), yet they sneak in. Yet even though they are present for now, one day, we’ll be an olive-less Greek salad. We can be Italian salad instead then (Green/ White / Red)…

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