I call myself the observer. Sometimes I like to distance myself from the situations occurring around me and watch… Other times, I like to imagine what I would do in the shoes of this or that person.

Have you ever had a gun staring straight into your face?

I went to the movies today – the Chamber was showing “The Other Guys.” As I laughed at the funny scenes, at one point I have thought… “I am laughing at shooting scenes.” The movie was indeed funny with all the interactions between those cops-wannabe, but the reality… They were shooting at people. In real life people would’ve died.

In the light of those thoughts, another one sneaked into my mind. What would I do if someone would have me at a gunpoint? I’d like to say that I would courageously stare past that barrel into the eyes of the gunman. But honestly? I have no idea.

I have a friend who had that moment in his life. He said the shock made him chat like there are no worries in the world, but once he got home, he started shaking because it dawned on him what might have happened just a few minutes ago.

I wonder… We’ve become so accustomed to movies like that – where people get hurt and sometimes it’s even made as if it’s funny… and we laugh because we’re amused by it. But once one stops and thinks – there’s nothing to laugh about. Yes, maybe the awkward situations, I agree – those are hilarious… unless you’ve been in one yourself. It’s easy to watch, but it’s tough to be right there, in the very middle of the situation.

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