[the reflections about dog-walking]

[the reflections about dog-walking]

I never had a dog. I had a cat briefly when I was 5 (he ran away) and when I was 8 we were blessed with my beloved Queen Liz (the one and the same you’ve seen standing on my lappy). Liz is over 15 years now but still acting like a kitten.

However, today’s post is not about my fluffy monster. It’s about a bear-sized dog named Jake. I have met Jake once before yesterday and it was for 10 minutes and in the dark. He did make an impression however and when my friend asked me if I could babysit that puppy for a weekend because she had to leave, I was in heaven with excitement.

Yesterday I came to their place and as I was trying to open the gate (it was dark and no lights were available except for my cell phone and a little flashlight on the keychain), I heard Jake’s loud breathing and for the first time it dawned on me that 1. This is a big dog, 2. He saw me once, 3. God help me 🙂 But I grinned as I prayed that prayer and opened the gate. Jake was so excited to see me! However, I forgot how HUGE he is. All my experience with big dogs was really limited to a wolf named Nome, my baby Nomes. I think that Jake is even bigger than Nomies was. But I loved every bit of it.

Today, as I finally got to my friend’s place after helping out at work, I decided that I want to go for a walk with Jake. Heh. Again, my experience here was limited to walking a wolf who walked straight and determinedly (even when the path took us right into the soccer field sprinklers). Besides, that was a town and a rural part of it, at that. Here, I had to walk a huge dog in a city.

It was awesome, however. Despite a few times when Jake almost got too close to angry dogs (and one REALLY scary German shepherd), it was a great time. I got to meet a bunch of kids who all wanted to pet Jake, ask what breed is he (Moscow guard dog), and while pretending to be scared, all were incurably curious. He was a good boy too and let kids play with him. I love that pup! I also got to see a wonderful lake and watch ducks land on the mirror waters. Everything was so quiet that I heard their landing even. It was truly wonderful.

One day I will get myself a dog. Yes, that comes from a cat person… I cannot help but be attracted to those huge beasts (huge because I want myself a big dog, not a tiny one you carry around – the only exception is my friend’s shih-tzu Tai Bear, and only because he thinks he’s a wolf).

All in all, I am enjoying myself pretending to be a dig owner 🙂 and that’s the point of my post today.

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