[life as we know it]

[life as we know it]

I launched my Jacy laptop as soon as I got home. Familiar face of Dr. House lighted up on my desktop and GoogleTalk notified me about the new e-mails that I got.

One e-mail drew my attention. In the little excerpt that GTalk provided it said “Please pray for…”

“Why?” I wondered. Not that I mind praying about someone but obviously there was a reason.

I opened the e-mail and read the reason.

A friend of mine got only a few more weeks before he meets with his Savior. Ironic… Only a few days ago I mentioned another friend of mine who passed away from cancer, and here’s another one. Another one who I thought was healed (because when we talked just a couple of months ago, his tumor was miraculously gone… and he said that he feels better than ever).

As I shut down Jacy and prepared for sleep, I have thought about life and death. Happens all the time.

On August 24 this year, a friend of mine gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, while another friend of mine lost her husband of 55 years. New life was born while the old one taken.

When will be our time? No one knows. It might be right now or it might be in another 80 years. We might even see Jesus’ coming – who knows?

DC Talk’s song comes to mind. I hope we’ll all be ready…

Thankfully, my friend is at peace and he knows where he’s going. It will be hard on his three kids, however, even if they are not kids anymore. Please pray for Katie, Tom, and Jamie.

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