[no whine unless you’re a horse]

[no whine unless you’re a horse]

Not entirely sure what I meant by the title – just felt like reminding myself that whining never helped anyone.

It was one of *those* days when everything that could go wrong, did.

But it was also one of the days when I once again remembered (not that I really forgot, but I especially appreciated it) that I work alongside with great friends.

And it was one of those days when I once again appreciated the wisdom of my boss. He’s one very smart man and it’s no wonder he’s the president of the Chamber.

So… the point…

  • thank God this day ended
  • thank God there were still reasons to laugh about
  • thank God for my boss, amazing admin manager, and the rest of the guys and gals at work
  • thank God for yummy pizza and people to share it with
  • thank God that in the end of the day, everything was good
  • thank God… just because.


  • Good simple thought today Zee. I had a super busy day with moving and needed to remind myself this morning, as I dragged myself out of bed, that i have much to be thankful for. 😛

  • zenichka

    *hug* hopefully after the move will be over and you'll settle in a new place, there will be even more reasons to be thankful for 😀

    take care, big brother.

  • Amen – There are those times we just need to Thank God for the simple and because He is God.

  • zenichka

    yep. even when nothing goes right, He is still God.

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