[Dear Mr. God…]

[Dear Mr. God…]

Dear Mr. God,

Thank You for sharing this movie with me. It made me cry, but these were good tears because I couldn’t help but remember all the moments I have been privileged to spend with my friend Morgan. She was just like Tyler – not one to be sad, but seeing silver lining everywhere and finding reasons to laugh about even when she was undergoing such trials that I cannot even imagine.

I remember us chuckling about “Grumpy Jesus” on an Orthodox icon, trying to imagine whether You could actually be grumpy. I remember making huge soap bubbles – they were so beautiful and colorful and shapeful! (And my computer is complaining about the word “shapeful” right now, but You know what I mean, don’t You?) I remember her tie-dyed T-shirts that made all of the team grin and that brightened our days as we worked side by side.

I can only imagine how much fun you two are having in Heaven these days. It soon will be 2 years since you’ve been together – I mean, really together. Oh, sometimes I can’t wait to see her again and laugh together again.

You promised that it will all work out – one way or another. Help me remember that when I think that nothing works out. Help me try to find a reason to laugh about or at least to smile – You have provided numerous reasons to grin – even my cat’s silly face expression is worth a chuckle… and there are so many other reasons. Just, please, don’t let me forget to look at You.

Thanks, God. You are truly beyond awesome. Thank You for loving me so much.



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