[in quietness…]

[in quietness…]

I wrote that title thinking about two posts that I have read yesterday and today… and realized that “in quietness” phrase was on my Bible calendar for today.

Only in returning to Me and resting in Me will you be saved. In quietness and confidence is your strength.

Isaiah 30:15, NLT

Those who visit my Facebook page have seen this picture today. I took it first thing in the morning with my cell phone – I pried my eyes open to look at the time on my cell phone and glanced at the weather… and there it was – so simple, yet so ingeniously astounding. I hope that it will be as sunshiny tomorrow morning – I’ve got my Sophie camera ready – she takes better pictures than my cell phone.

A bit of background for this picture. I got new windows installed yesterday (not the OS, the actual plastic windows) and I guess it was so that the window sills would cement right or whatever, there are water jugs on top of ’em.

The water jug isn’t really connected with the point of “quietness.” The new windows are.

My old windows were older than me. My mom and grandma moved into this apartment back in ’81 (I was born in ’86) and the windows were here before they moved. As a result, the wood was old, and the quality wasn’t too good. Even with windows closed, I could hear almost everything that is going on outside the apartment building (albeit the fact that I live on 8th floor). The highlight of my apartment location is the tram tracks right there, below my windows. For years, the sound of passing tram has been my companion.

I realized last night… because the windows were closed, I could no longer hear that distraction. It feels weird, to sit in a quiet room where the only sound is gentle tapping of the keyboard, but that’s it… it’s QUIET.

And while it’s weird… it’s good. I like it.

In quietness and confidence is your strength. Sometimes we need to reinstall our soul’s windows to filter out the noises that started coming though as the windows got older and older.

And maybe, as we reinstall windows, we will see beauty in something ordinary – like a glass jar filled with water.

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