[Book Review: IMMANUEL’S VEINS by Ted Dekker]

[Book Review: IMMANUEL’S VEINS by Ted Dekker]

Are you ready to be changed by Love?

Immanuel’s Veins screams of Love, the kind of Love every single person on the face of the earth longs for and looks for. Read this book and you will find within yourself a yearning for that Love, the Love that is able to overcome all the obstacles and even death, just to be expressed.

I have read quite a few of Dekker’s books, but so far only Red could come close to the intensity of Love. It speaks of courage, of passion, of dangers – all that entwined so intricately that the reader is bound by the desire to find out what happens next and can only read on and on turning pages faster and faster as the story progresses. It makes you feel every emotion and pain the characters go through as if you were in their shoes.

This book puts a deeper layer of meaning into the familiar children’s tune “Jesus loves me, this I know.” Even if I said word “Love” a hundred times in this review, it still would fall short of describing God’s love towards His bride, the Church – the people He so lovingly crafted and created.

As for recommendation: read it… if you aren’t scared to allow this book change you… because it will.

P.S. And of course it was a pleasant surprise to find Dekker talking about Ukraine and Kiev. Tee hee…

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  • Between you and Bill I my list is getting much longer.
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    • hehehe… i am having hard time dealing with myself… got 3 books that i want to read NOW… and having hard time deciding which one to read next now that i've finished the IV. probably will read Stephen Lawhead's Skin Map 'cuz I need to review it in order to get more books from BookSneeze – dang, that program is addicting!! 😀

  • tracysbooknook

    I haven’t read a lot of Ted Dekker before and I would have to say that Immanuel’s Veins was the best book that I didn’t like.

    The writing is really quite superb: descriptive language, active plot, interesting characters all worked together. It was just all the lust, blood, and even more blood that just smothered me.

    I wrote a review of this book on my own blog here:
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    • thanks for stopping by, Tracy.

      I've read a lot of Dekker and while i didn't particularly enjoy the trendy theme of vampires, i loved the love and courage and choices there. i guess i don't mind blood so much (after all, there are a lot of symbolism in it) and as for lust – Vlad seemed like the only one who really made it clear. otherwise, the thoughts were what every average guy thinks – that's a fact (no matter that some try to hide that).

      read When Heaven Weeps and Blessed Child – those are my two most favorite books by Dekker of all that i've read.
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