[oh the irony…]

[oh the irony…]

Sometimes I cheat when I translate from English to Ukrainian.

When I am too lazy to think in Ukrainian, I use Google Translate. A sidenote to anyone who wanted to use that (or any other online translating service for that matter) – if you do not know the language (at least roughly) into which you are translating… don’t. use. online. translators. Sometimes they are good, but sometimes they turn the meaning inside out and upside down. Like today.

I was putting some dates up on our Church website and I needed to translate “International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church.” I translated most of the phrase myself, but I couldn’t think of the word “persecuted” in Ukrainian (only Russian came to mind). So I put it into GT.

I grinned when I saw what I’ve got…

“International Day of Prayer for those who are persecuted by the Church”

Yep, that’s a literal translation (well, translated literally back into English by me)…

I grinned… and then I became sad. There are people who are persecuted by the Church. Not the Church that Jesus had in mind… but the perception of the Church these days – a building and a religion where the only thing you’ve got to do is follow the rules and you’ll be fine.

We sometimes tend to think that only the Church is persecuted – and it is – I am not saying everything is good for His bride these days.

But throughout centuries, Church was also on an offensive side quite often. Yes, I remember that Jesus did storm into the Temple one day and made everyone scramble for their lives because they turned His bride into a prostitute. Yet… I think that we, who are called to be non-judgmental, like to judge others.

Don’t pick on people, jump on their failures, criticize their faults – unless, of course, you want the same treatment. That critical spirit has a way of boomeranging.

Matthew 7:1-2, MSG

Anyone got any thoughts regarding this? John MacArthur would certainly disagree with me…

  • I'm follow right along with you on this Zee.
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  • No question that some of the early Reformers were persecuted by the Catholic church. I also think some people today are persecuted by the church in that they are shunned or judged and left out in the cold because of their past. BTW: you never stated why JM would disagree. 🙂
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    • JM would disagree (and did disagree in his book Jesus You Can't Ignore) re: the fact that Christians should be more tolerating… and i am not even wading into the murky waters of gays or whatever. I am talking about normal people who are shunned, like you said…

      i don't know, Bill… i just am trying to find my way…

  • I agree with you, Zee. Been told too many stories to ignore the truth.

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  • ok, i think the translation was pretty funny. And I hope no one uses Google Translate. LOL. People are imperfect, judgmental, sinful…there is a lot of judging go on even behind the best churches. They will never say it, but its true. I have been on the receiving end of that and it sucks. It's hard to find your place in any church after you deal with something like that. I'm just sayin'. Good post Zee.
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    • *warm hug* i am sorry you've been hurt, Elle.

      but yes, it was funny to see that translation. it's weird 'cuz sometimes it translates stuff perfectly, but sometimes it translates something SO weirdly that all you can do is laugh.

  • rickguilfoil

    Great post Zee. Google Translate may not be thrilled but you are right. It is just not up to par…wonder if it will get there someday? It is pretty amazing the ways God finds to talk to us. Bringing this issue to all of your reader's attention via a poor online translation tool? Creative communication from our Lord and Savior for sure! Thanks for being attentive to His leading to post this. It is something we should all keep in mind. Like Herb said, you can't ignore the truth. I have heard many heart breaking stories as well.

    • the tools God sometimes uses are incredibly simple… yet hit right home.

      Creative communication from our Lord and Savior for sure! – haha, no kiddin'!

      thanks for stopping by, Rick – and thanks for all the Naz Blogs work that you do 😉

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