• In the debate of PC vs MAC, this feline's opinion is obvious with the creation of her new litter box :D.
    My recent post Are You Ready

  • Step stool anyone?
    My recent post God is

    • 😀 yeah… she obviously thinks it's that – she climbed upon the computer later at night again… thankfully Jacy was closed…

  • if I could just press the F4 and F9 keys at the same time, maybe the window WILL open…

    • she did launch a Word Document when she climbed off Jacy finally…

      and there was one time, when I came into my room, and saw Liz SITTING (yes, with her lovely rear on the keyboard) on Jacy, facing the monitor, and there was a source code of a page that I last viewed… she and I definitely spend a lot of time together since html-ing is what I do… and I guess it rubbed off 😀 either that, or I've got a spy living with me for the last 16 years… or a guardian angel 😀

  • SNORT!

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