[memories revisited]

[memories revisited]

Oh, wow, this has been a great week! I got a raise at work, I got to see my cousin (and actually spend time with her!), and the highlight of the week was the visit of really great friends of ours: David and Shelly Hayes. Those who have read my posts might remember David Hayes’ name since I’ve quoted him quite a lot. He and family were the missionaries over here, David is a pastor and he is also the author of a book called Runaway Pastor (no, it’s not autobiographical). Check out David’s blog – there are a lot of profound thoughts there.

It is amazing to me to be around them because I realize how much I have missed because I was so wee little when they were here for the first time! All the stories, oh, the stories… there were so many memories revisited!

I am rambling, I know, but this just has been a very great day. And considering it’s a Saturday, I didn’t even feel blue! I didn’t have time for that! 😀 Hehehe.

Here’s a picture of our main crew: left to right: Natasha, David, Shelly, me, and mom. (The picture is borrowed from Shelly’s blog)

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