[Book Review: THE TAKING by Dean Koontz]

[Book Review: THE TAKING by Dean Koontz]

Woe to you, O earth and sea, for the devil has come down to you in fierce anger and fury, because he knows that he has only a short time left!

Revelation 12:12, AMP

I couldn’t resist to write a short blog post about the book I’ve just finished a few minutes ago.

This is my… 12th (I think) book by Dean Koontz I have read and every single time after finishing one of his books, I would sit, stare at the back cover of the book I just closed, and marvel at how he manages to combine paranormal with ordinary in such a delicious blend that leaves your emotions and nerves tingling.

What would happen if the entire earth would be re-created? Why would such an event take place? Numerous questions are asked and some are answered though not all.

I have quoted the book a couple of times this week and the prevalent idea that was like a red thread throughout the book was HOPE. This book was all about holding onto a hope – for unless you do, you’re gonna perish. At times the narrative was so scary that I was afraid of the dark like a little girl… afraid to turn my back to the mirrors… Yeah! This was not many years ago when I was a kid, but just this past week! Those aside, however, there was this sense of “good winning over evil” – no matter what, no matter what obstacles rose in the path, no matter what the cost… Good won.

In my beginning is my end… or “In my end is my beginning”?

What is your choice?

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