[Red: Pieces]

[Red: Pieces]

Every once in a while I get a song that gets stuck in my brain because the lyrics hit home. I have been listening to Red’s Pieces for a few weeks now.

You can listen to the song below, but these are the lyrics that… definitely made me think.

I’m here again, a thousand miles away from you.
A broken mess, just scattered pieces of who I am.
I tried so hard, thought I could do this on my own.
I’ve lost so much along the way.

Then I see your face, I know I’m finally yours.
I find everything I thought I lost before.
You call my name, I come to you in pieces,
So you can make me whole…

I’ve come undone but You make sense of who I am like puzzle pieces in your eyes…

  • I watched Red 2 years ago and they put on an incredible show. Pieces is one of my favorites from them because it hits on so many levels.
    My recent post Hold On To Hope

    • awesome – i can only imagine how they would sound live… i have been listening to that album of theirs over and over and over… the way they combine slow-ish music with rock is amazing.

  • First time I heard this song or really anything by RED. Little slower and quieter than I like πŸ™‚ but loved the words! Will have to check out more of their music.
    My recent post He’s Everything To Me

    • yeah, you should check out their other songs – this is indeed one of the quieter and slower songs, but the rest have more of a rock-ness to it. check out the song Breathe into Me πŸ˜‰

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