[help and trust]

[help and trust]

There’s a quote that speaks volumes…

She wanted help but she had no trust.

Dean Koontz, The Taking

I am continuing to read Dean Koontz’ Taking (Immanuel’s Veins is tempting, but I am tired of skipping around books and plots – especially when one talks Koontz and Dekker). As I was reading, I stumbled upon a phrase mentioned above and it stuck in my mind.

When we ask God for something… do we trust Him enough to do what He will tell us to do?

If we are hanging on the edge of the cliff with a 200ft drop beneath us – and He tells us to let go and He’ll take care of us… Do we let go or ask “Do You have any other less-crazy ideas?”

Are we ready to obey His commands, no matter how “crazy” they seem to our minds?

Sometimes I wonder if He grins when He presents us with another challenge. “Come on, people, I know you can do it. Trust Me – it’s gonna be great!”

And at other times I wonder – how many opportunities for fun and ministry we miss just because we can’t trust Him enough.’

Just thoughts of a tired mind.

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