[keep close to Jesus]

[keep close to Jesus]

I have to confess – I eavesdropped on a conversation today. Granted, the conversation was over Skype and my friend was skyping sitting right next to me with sound going through the speakers, so I heard the conversation anyway. I didn’t listen to most of the conversation, but sometimes the bits and pieces intrigued me. One thing that my friend said made me think…

“You kept on saying ‘Keep close to Jesus, keep close to Jesus,’ and now I finally understand what you meant and I agree!”

Very often we get so used to some phrases that we stop paying attention to what they really mean. I know it happened to me – take even the W.W.J.D. bracelets that everyone seemed to be wearing at one time… At first, I kept reminding myself of the message, but then, since I never took the bracelet off, I grew accustomed to it…

My point is… avoid cliches… BUT! there are times when phrases that might seem cliche are EXACTLY what you need – when you MEAN what you say. And don’t be afraid of saying something as well known as “Keep close to Jesus” – it may affect someone’s life very deeply.

God bless you all and have a full-of-wonders Sonday!

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