[the lost symbol]

[the lost symbol]

I have finished reading The Lost Symbol this morning (yeah, have to confess – that was the first thing I’ve read when I woke up this morning… I had only a couple pages left and I could not wait until evening.)

Have to admit, Dan Brown has become a better writer. This book’s descriptions are closer to reality and the puzzles are fun to solve. As for the idea behind the lost symbol – to be honest, I sort of agree with it. There were a few times where I argued with Langdon (or other characters) out loud, but there were times when I nodded in agreement.

Because I have read all the previous Dan Brown’s books (Angels&Demons, Da Vinci Code, Deception Point, and Digital Fortress), solving the Lost Symbol’s puzzles came easier. I solved all three puzzles before Langdon did. One night, I sat with a notepad and Order Eight Franklin Square on my lappy, and drew my own map. Later, as a joke, I thought that I could read the symbols if only they represented letters… When I have Googled “Laus Deo” I was startled to realize that it actually was a valid phrase… “Praise God.”

All in all… I would recommend this book for those who like reading challenging stuff. After all, the initial reason why I started reading Dan Brown was because I was told that I could not read him and remain a good Christian. I find that just like the Bible classes with a teacher who did not believe in Satan or that Jesus died just to show that it’s possible to die and to rise from the dead. It was tiring sometimes to find my way back on the right track, but I have learned to do it faster and faster, knowing where the stones might fall.

I do not agree fully that we are all Gods, but the fact that being created “in His image” refers to our soul / spirit instead of literal physical body – that much was quite obvious to me before. But I do agree with Warren / Peter / Katherine who talked about THE God being the Creator and Architect of the Universe. It was an interesting read.

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