It’s the inside outside upside down kingdom where you lose to gain and you die to live.

Servant of All, Misty Edwards

This blog has been inspired by something Michelle mentioned on her FB Wall:

I was looking at this hebrew book my mom had that teaches hebrew and it was backwards and I was like “this is stupid” but then I found out that they read right to left. I wonder if the book of life is backwards too.

When I’ve read that bit, I was transfered 7 years back in time when I studied old Hebrew.

For those who never tried to learn it, it may seem like a random collection of weird-looking symbols that don’t make sense. In reality, however, Hebrew is fairly easy. Well, of course, like with any language you need to spend a couple of years perfecting the knowledge, but in those quite intense three weeks we got the gist of what it’s like. Sometimes it felt like you were solving a puzzle – since words could double up and mean something completely different… And what a joy it was when you finally could translate the entire sentence and look at your paper (that probably had a few crossed out words or arrows pointing at the correct order of words) and think “I did it!”…

But all that puzzle-solving came later. The very first lesson was on how to read.

To be honest, that was the toughest thing for me in all three weeks – because I had to re-learn how to read in order to read Hebrew properly. I love reading and the habit of reading left to right was sort of ingrained by the time I was 17. Oh, it took conscious efforts to remind myself that I need to read from right to left. It felt backwards!

Our lives can only be read looking back, too. We don’t know what the future holds (well, immediate future), but we can learn from our past. And many times, what seemed to be a vicious storm when you were in the midst of it, thinking that God has forgotten all about you and doesn’t care about you… you look back, after you’ve emerged from the turbulent waters, and you notice with a surprise that all that time, He was right there, guiding you in that pitch-black darkness.

It doesn’t make sense when you’re trying to explain it to someone who’s undergoing the time of trials, it’s one of those things you have to learn from your own experience. Others can only show you the direction, but you have to learn to read your life.

My point is… do not live in the past, but remember it. Learn from it. And enjoy the presents of the Present.

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