[reminder: deuteronomy 1:30]

[reminder: deuteronomy 1:30]

This was the Scripture verse for September 6 on my calendar.

The Lord your God, who goes before you, He will fight for you just as He did for you.

Deuteronomy 1:30

It is… difficult for the Lord to fight out battles for us when we insist upon trying to fight them ourselves. Our interference hinders His work.

~ C.H.P.

Don’t know about you, but for me that was a quite important reminder since I tend to try to do things myself… and while it sometimes I can do something better than others, I can never out-do God and make something better than Him.

So… Today I will try to unclench my fists and let go of the things that worry me.

God bless you in the beginning of this new week!

  • thanks, Big Bro. *hugs* you're a blessing 🙂

  • Hugs back to you Lil Sis. So…even though you work for the American embassy (or whatever that organization is that I keep forgetting) you don't have today off? How…how…unAmerican! LOL Meanwhile, I am at my office trying to get a few things done before heading back to say "See you later" to Tami, my oldest, before she heads back to Knoxville and to play with my grandson before he and his mom head back to Ohio.
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    • heh.. yeah… but then, it's LABOR day, so one's supposed to LABOR… it's rather a question why do we work the rest of the year??? 😀

  • Oh yeah…have I told you lately how much I appreciate you?
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  • The verse was enough to tear me up, but then you wrote about unclenching your fists and letting go…

    That really touched me today.
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    • *hug* i'm glad He used my blog to speak to you today 🙂

  • j4man

    Needed the reminder that it is all about Him and not about me.

    Thanks Zee!
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    • 😉 your comment reminded me of a song "When the Music Fades…"

      I'm coming back to the heart of worship
      And it's all about You
      It's all about You, Jesus
      I'm sorry Lord for the thing I've made it
      When it's all about You
      It's all about You, Jesus

  • Linda M

    Hi Zee,
    I wanna put in my 2 cents worth about things like 'stress and letting God fight for us". I hope you don't mind. The more I research and blog, the more confusing things are getting for me also. There is so much out there. I think what I am thinking right now anyway 🙂 , is that too much information too quickly is not really good. It's hard to assimilate and put that information in its rightful place and perspective within our minds and thinking processes. We are not machines we are humans. 🙂
    The thing is it all ( meaning much of the information) sounds logical and reasonable in some way. What I mean is everybody seems to have some wisdom to impart and they are able to articulate their thoughts and reasons very well. Whether or not they are correct thoughts and reasons. Am I making sense here? I hope so. I will continue to try to say what it is I am trying to put across here in your topic today. I'm thinking mostly in the area of stress and finding truth. One truth being that God fights for his people.

  • Linda M

    cont'd from my previous comment today.
    If we start taking wisdom from one part and try to assimilate it into the things of God, I think it makes for confusion and possibly makes it more difficult to find truth. The parts that I'm thinking of that we try to find wisdom in and God in are 'books, media, movies , games, etc. Alot of this wisom is of the world. The Bible says that the wisdom of the world is not His wisdom. We get the Wisdom of God by asking for it from God.

    I'm not suggesting that we should never partake of the information of the world, but when information comes at us at high speed, it constantly changes our focus, our thinking process, our beliefs, our questions, our concerns, etc. around and around. Life becomes extremely complicated and concerning and really scary.

  • …too much information too quickly is not good – agree! it's tougher and tougher to get "quiet time"… at least where i live… it seems like everywhere i go, there are either lots of people or tons of info dumped on me via bill boards or something.

    regarding God not messing our minds with complicated matter – He doesn't, but oh, we love to mess with our own brains 🙂 but yes, i agree that sometimes we overcomplicate things that were designed to be simple. not EASY always, but simple.

    • Linda M

      Hi Zee,
      The Bible says we have been given 2 swords. The word of God and the sword of the Spirit of God. This happened in the garden when Jesus was arrested by the Jews. Jesus said to his disciples that that was enough.
      I'm going to go out on a limb and say that if we only had the bible and the spirit of God we would have everything we need to love and obey Jesus Christ. We could live this life victoriously and then enter into eternal life. Many christian people in the world only have the Spirit of God. They don't have a bible to read to hear the written words of God and understand who he is and grow in their faith.
      We also need other believers in our own locations. I believe that as christians we don't need anything else. We don't need all the other input that we are getting. It's nice but…. how valueable is it really in our growth and maturity journey with God?
      This brings up another question. Is all of this other christian material we occupy ourselves with another God another Christ? Are we listening to other people rather than listening and learning from God himself? These are just questions that I have.

  • Ani

    Thanks for sharing. Although I might be late but God bless you for the rest of the week. Hugs.

    • you're never late, Ani 😉 thanks.

      *hugs* & blessings to you!

  • I'm even later getting here… I took yesterday off to spend it with my family. ^_^

    This is an excellent word and a great reminder…

    Here's to un-clenching our fists.
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    • sounds like you had great time together – haven't had a chance to go to your blog today yet 🙂

  • I'll join you in letting God.

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    • the club's growing… 😉

      thanks for stopping by, Herb!

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