[reflections from the sea experience]

[reflections from the sea experience]

I wrote this piece a year ago after the experience in the children’s camp when I tried in vain to get my girls out of the water. I stumbled upon it as I was browsing my previous blog and I just wanted to share it…

A lone figure stood on the shore.

“Come,” he gently pleaded with someone in the sea. The person seemed lost to the world – gleefully jumping up and down in the waves. The eyes were focused only on the nearest water, second thoughts about risk gone without a trace.

The sea was rough – the waves kept beating in a steady rhythm against the shore. Small at first, they grew bigger and taller with each passing minute. The wind was howling and storm clouds were moving across the sky, covering all the bright blue with the gloomy darkness.

“Please come.” The voice of the one calling grew more and more faint due to rising noise of the waves.

“Weeeee….” was the only response he got.

He won’t get out by himself, were the thoughts of the man on the shore. It’s dangerous, but I can’t leave him there. I can’t watch this. I have to do something.

“Please come out,” he pleaded for one last time. Getting no response, he jumped into the raging liquid darkness and overcoming the strong current and swells, waded into the depth.

“Yay!” yelled the person in the water, enjoying being carried by yet another roller. The next wave came too quickly and the person inhaled the salty substance. His lungs felt as if on fire. He gasped for air, yet there was only water around.

“The water will kill you. Come with me.”

Blindly, the drowning man grasped the helping hand. The savior was strong and though the sea tried to win them both, it was defeated. Spitting the water, two wet men sat on the shore.

“But it felt so good to be in the water and let the waves carry me at first! How did you know that the storm is coming?”

“You saw only the small waves next to you. I saw the big waves on the horizon.”

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