[prayer request]

[prayer request]

Hey there, fellow prayer warriors. I need you 🙂

My cousin, Natasha, called us late last night with the news that she had a car accident. Someone ran right into her car from the back. Right now she’s at the hospital. The docs did a tomography and said that she is okay, just has a bump on her forehead from hitting the steering wheel, but they made her stay in the hospital for a couple more days.

Praise God that she is not seriously injured (the car is in shape that is not repairable), but the fact that she’s still in the hospital worries me… and she’s in Germany so I cannot even go visit her.

I’ll keep you updated, but please keep her in your prayers.

Thanks! 🙂

Just to put a face to the name, Natasha’s the blond one on the right (she hardly changed, even though this pic was taken years ago). My mom’s in the left and I am the kiddo in arms of my aunt.

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