[confession time]

[confession time]

I have come to a realization today.

I do not deal well with the idea of resting. Yes, yes, I know. God commanded us to rest… I understand that up here *pointing at my head* yet…

I had a full day of resting today. I know I complained about being tired and exhausted from not getting enough sleep due to work and the girls’ camp. Yet those things kept my mind busy. Today I was home alone and spent the day in my pj’s, with a cup of coffee / tea (I was alternating those drinks), watching movies on my computer. The choice of the movies could’ve been better… All of a sudden, I decided that I want to watch P.S. I Love You. Always a bad idea for me to watch this movie on a Saturday. I had to watch it in parts so that my emotions won’t consume me. Nevertheless, instead of closing my computer, I watched the movie till the end. In the brief pauses between, I enjoyed a sunset, argued with God a bit (wasn’t much of an argument, really, more of a “When will You tell me what You have prepared for me?” kind of speech), soaked in the hot tub for a bit reading a Guide for a Depressed Christian, and now finally am about to go to bed.

Thank God tomorrow’s Sunday. I will have something to keep my mind off thinking about life.

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