[stretching exercises]

[stretching exercises]

This recent girls’ camp that took place a few days ago was a real stretching exercise for me. I am not sure how I ended up being the director of the camp (I guess I just brought my lappy to all the planning meetings and sort of took over the organization details since I had them all written down…), but it was quite an experience. I respected people who were camp directors before, but after this time, the respect level tripled.

Now that I am looking back, the things don’t look as stressful as they did at the time. Even the fact that I found out that I do not have a speaker for one of the seminars one day (at 9PM) before the seminar… God provided an idea while I was showering and preparing for the camp in the morning, and made the idea possible. To be honest, I think it was even better than I could ever imagine – I can’t help but grin when I think of God’s planning. He knew, OH He knew that the planned speaker won’t be able to make it. And He knew who would be the new speaker (although my friend had entirely different plans for the weekend just a week ago – he wasn’t even supposed to be in Kyiv at the time!)… But it was SOOO awesome – just the message that girls needed to hear. Thank God for taking my plans and changing them.

More tomorrow. Right now I will listen to what Bill, Ani, and others have been telling me for two days now and go to sleep.

*Kung Fu bow*

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