[being still]

[being still]

I have watched Karate Kid today. I have not seen the old one, but lemme tell you, the new one was great!

There was one quote that Mr. Han (Jackie Chan) said that made me take out my iPod and write it down so I won’t forget. He was telling Dre about the lady who “charmed” the snake. Dre thought that the lady repeated the moves of the cobra, yet it was the cobra who was imitating the lady. Dre wondered out loud whether one can control someone else by doing nothing, to which Mr. Han replied,

“Being still and doing nothing are two different things.”

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, I have been reminded of Psalm 46:10:

Be still, and know that I am God!

For me, being still is always tough. In this camp, where I have been just now, the moments that were the toughest for me were the ones when someone would tell me “Go get some rest.” I… I just could not. I knew that everything was under control and that the counselors were with their kids, yet the responsibility of being the director was new to me. I did not know where I fit in or what I should do. For 10 years, I have been a counselor. For 10 years, I have gotten used to the fact that in the camp I tend to my kiddos and whenever I get free time, I look for something else I can help someone else with. There are times when I can allow myself some rest, but usually, I simply can’t relax while others are working.

Yet… God still commands, “BE STILL.”

He lets me rest in green meadows; he leads me beside peaceful streams. He renews my strength. He guides me along right paths, bringing honor to his name.

Psalm 23:3-4, NLT

That’s what I really need. That kind of rest – rest in the knowledge that He has everything under His control.

Thank God for the strength He provided in the camp and for surprises that He has prepared for us along the way. Thank God that His presence and His works were visible in the camp (and not just there). And to be completely honest, thank God that the camp is over :D…. 3.5 day camp was quite enough to try out a role of a camp director. I have no idea how Iryna, our Children’s Ministries Director, manages to conduct 10-day camps for 220+ people.

More details about the camp tomorrow. For now, I shall rest.

  • Gooooooood. Glad to see you are taking my suggestion. LOL

    • well, i better listen now before God would *MAKE* me rest when i would get sick… sometimes i seriously wonder if the times when i am sick are the times when God shouts "get some rest! SLEEP!!!" 😀 (i know He does that with mom)…

  • Oh irony. My organizational psychology professor crammed in a lecture about stress right before giving us an exam tonight. Being still and letting God take care of things may be difficult at first, but there is a lot of freedom that comes with it.
    My recent post Faithful Foolishness

    • hehe, well, teachers don't understand the basic principles of life 😀

  • want to watch that one… good thoughts!

    • it's really good. lots of stuff to learn from it.

  • j4man

    Get some rest – I need to see that new version – I have heard it was good. Love the difference between being still and doing nothing!
    My recent post Joy and Troublemakers

    • mm hmm… i want to watch the old one. if there are as many lessons to learn as from this one, it's gonna be a great movie. i suspect my post tonight will be based on the movie too…

  • Ani

    Zee, Zee, Zee that you could write this while you are that exhausted. Learn to set boundaries maybe? For yourself not for others, but for yourselves. Not that I know anything. Just suggesting. And also as simple as Bill said who could be like a father: get some sleep. God also took a day off remember in Genesis? I know they call it Sabath but you know what I mean.

    • you are right, Ani… i need to learn to set boundaries… sometimes i set WAY too high standards for myself and i end up trying to reach those and i can't… since they are too high… i should listen to you and Bill…

      • Ani

        Well, finally someone is listening to me 🙂 Thank you.

        Go to zleeeeep, go to zleeeep. hehe. 😀
        When I write to you I have to stop myself from writing all the 's' with a 'z'.

        Zo long Zweet Zee, have zweet dreamzzzzzz.

  • Tony York

    I am old enough to have watched all the originals and the newest one. If you watch the original, you will see that the same plot was used for both it and the remake.

    I do like the point that there is a difference between doing nothing and being still..

    that has given me much to mull over today.
    My recent post Do I Have to Wear the Church Mask

  • Excellent Zee! Hope you are resting and learning to enjoy stillness in Him!

    I have yet to see the new one, but I love the old one.
    My recent post Safe

    • the new one is very good… granted the kid learns Kung Fu instead of Karate (and yet the movie is called Karate Kid…. oh well, no one's perfect) 😀

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