[your input needed: puzzle pieces]

[your input needed: puzzle pieces]

I am re-reading MacArthur’s Jesus You Can’t Ignore, trying to find the thread of thought he wanted to convey. Before I will continue reading it, I want to get my hands (and eyes) on Evangelical Manifesto which John keeps criticizing. Right now, I find myself arguing out loud with the author… and trying to prove my point to God (it’s fun to watch, I bet).

As I was reading another rant against tolerating other religions, etc… I wondered. Maybe my view of the situation is wrong or something. So I decided to ask y’all, my dear readers – I know that you are wise and I really would appreciate your opinion.

Can there be any sliver of Truth in other religions?

(to narrow the question a bit, lets take those religions that have a belief in Deity or deities).

Make your opinion known. I value all kinds of feedback (even if you feel like sending a 2X4 to my head – better safe than being sorry) and… *whisper* and I love rambling comments because those are the ones where I can see the personality of the commenter 🙂 Anyway. All that to say – FEEL FREE TO COMMENT / DISCUSS / QUESTION.

  • Of course there is a sliver of truth in those other religions.

    Every religion that has a god is based on God – or, at least it was "In the Beginning …"

    In the beginning, there was God. God created man, and from there (skipping a lot of detail, obviously), man spread over the Earth. At first, he took God with him, but as we see time and time again in scripture (and in the real world!), man forgot abou tthe true God and turned instead to his own created gods.

    The creation stories in a lot of religions are extremely similar to the story of creation in the Bible – look for example at Navajo beliefs, which are very, very close.

    Somewhere along the way, things went wrong, but in the beginning, man took God with him, and in creating his own false gods, the word of God Himself was misinterpreted, misunderstood, and misused – but the small 'slivers of truth' remain.
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    • Thanks Charlie.

      Every religion that has a god is based on God – yep, that's what I think too.

  • Sometimes people feel like they have to understand things in an all or nothing way. We can reject a false system, while acknowledging that some things they espouse might be true. For instance, a few years ago, on American television, a particular religious sect was airing commercials about how we are designed to walk a faith journey together. That was true. But, their system of theology can still be rejected. This particular system also has a robust local missionary zeal, from which we can learn. But, to accept that, does not mean we have to accept the entire system.
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    • i suspect i know which sect you're talking about – and if i am correct on that – i agree – there are things we need to learn from them (at least in the social sphere).

  • So, I don't remember what exactly I told you when we talked about this before, but I do remember that I wanted you to keep up on your thought. It is said that the "best" lies hold a seed of truth. Remember when Satan tempted Christ in the wilderness? He quoted scripture to Jesus! The Father of Lies spoke unequivocal Truth to the Son of Man in an effort to deceive Him. Is it any wonder that a little bit of truth wrapped in a lie can deceive nations?
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    • the "best" lies hold a seed of truth – mmm hmmm…

      thanks for stopping by, J.

  • j4man

    I think the other comments have hit the nail on the head – there is a sliver of truth but it is not the truth of the Gospel – Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.
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    • that verse keeps coming to my mind all the time whenever i think about this issue… and for a valid reason, too 😀

      thanks Jim!

  • I would have to agree with the other comments. There is a sliver of truth in all religions. That is what makes them so appealing and so deadly. We recently bought our new building/property from the Mormons. When I met with him to get the keys and for him to show us some things about the building, he was explaining why they don't put crosses on their buildings. "We want to focus on the resurrection." That sounds all well and good EXCEPT if you want have the salvation that comes from Jesus Christ it goes back to the cross!! They are leaving out the very place where salvation was purchased. So, yes, there can be a sliver of truth but it can be couched in a whole bunch of lies.
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    • i might've mentioned it before, but the quote once again came to my mind when i've read the quote you've mentioned, "We want to focus on the resurrection"….

      there is no real joy in Resurrection Sunday without the Good Friday and the Good Friday without the Resurrection Sunday is terrible and pointless.

      thanks Bill!

  • Tony York

    There is truth in the fact that a broken chair can be made of wood… but that truth won't allow you to sit in it. Ultimately, the greater truth is that the chair is broken and unfit for use.

    So a comparison between religions must begin with what is Objective Truth and are the religions broken based on their alignment with that Objective Truth.

    If a person begins the journey with two basic tenets of Christian faith – Jesus was God and the Bible is God's inspired word – then all other faiths are 'broken' and unfit for use even if they have other similar teachings.
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    • There is truth in the fact that a broken chair can be made of wood… but that truth won't allow you to sit in it. Ultimately, the greater truth is that the chair is broken and unfit for use.

      wow, that's quite an analogy, Tony! i love it! and you're right (or at least i think along the similar lines)

      thanks 🙂

  • Read Acts 17, when Paul is in Athens. All of us know there is something that made us.That there is something to worship. We just try to understand our own way rather than aknowledge the God of the Bible. ( Isaiah 53:6) Why does most of mankind have the same basic moral beliefs….don't murder, don't steal, etc. Because God has placed it in our hearts. ( Romans 2:14 – 15) God's very truth reveals itself in nature. (Romans 1:20)

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