[your input needed: puzzle pieces]

[your input needed: puzzle pieces]

I am re-reading MacArthur’s Jesus You Can’t Ignore, trying to find the thread of thought he wanted to convey. Before I will continue reading it, I want to get my hands (and eyes) on Evangelical Manifesto which John keeps criticizing. Right now, I find myself arguing out loud with the author… and trying to prove my point to God (it’s fun to watch, I bet).

As I was reading another rant against tolerating other religions, etc… I wondered. Maybe my view of the situation is wrong or something. So I decided to ask y’all, my dear readers – I know that you are wise and I really would appreciate your opinion.

Can there be any sliver of Truth in other religions?

(to narrow the question a bit, lets take those religions that have a belief in Deity or deities).

Make your opinion known. I value all kinds of feedback (even if you feel like sending a 2X4 to my head – better safe than being sorry) and… *whisper* and I love rambling comments because those are the ones where I can see the personality of the commenter 🙂 Anyway. All that to say – FEEL FREE TO COMMENT / DISCUSS / QUESTION.

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