[take my life]

[take my life]

One of the songs by Third Day speaks to me every time I hear it…

How many times have I turned away? The number is the same as the sand on the shore. But every time You’ve taken me back and now I pray You do it once more.

How many times have I turned away? The number is the same as the stars in the sky. But everytime You’ve taken me back and now I pray You do it tonight.

Please take from me my life when I don’t have the strength to give it away to you, Jesus.

It was almost bedtime for my boys and I was walking toward the building where their room was. The stars were bright and the moon’s lighted path upon the sea beckoned my attention. The light in the lighthouse was already on, blinking steadily, calling out for all lost.

It was one of the exhausting days. There were lots of arguments with boys and trying to figure some minor disagreements among the counselors’ team. I was tired and looked forward to wishing the boys good night, turning off the lights in their room, and relaxing with a cup of coffee downstairs at the counselors’ meeting. I tried not to think of the fact that after the meeting I will finally be able to get my body in a horizontal position, close my eyes, and… ah…sleep.

One of the ways I usually keep myself awake is by singing, that’s what I did. Not sure why, but I started singing a well-forgotten but still great song by Third Day – Take My Life. I didn’t remember the verse words, so I just sang the chorus… After the third time, it became a prayer.

I don’t have the strength to give my life to Him. I wish I had, but frankly, I tend to get clingy when He wants to take things out of my life (even when I know He’ll substitute them with WAY better ones…). I trust Him, yet there are times when the old nature still wins and I want “my things.”

Please take from me my life when I don’t have the strength to give it to You, Jesus.

  • I love that song. I'm a bit "clingy" with my life too. Can I borrow your prayer? (smile)

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  • Perfect timing for me. Last week I found myself in this sort of boat. I literally cried out for mercy. "God, I DON"T WANT YOUR WAY! Please, help me want to want what you want!!" I even spoke a severe "NO!" to myself a couple of times. I was amazed at his Spirit's willingness to arm me with strength against myself, and for myself.

    • **hug**

      Please, help me want to want what you want! – that's certainly something that i guess gets repeated a lot among the believers… "the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak…."

  • Got here late today Zee. so much to do! I think you are not alone in your thoughts about how you don't have the strength to give your life away. But i would submit that God says, "That's okay. I will take whatever you will give me and use you to the greatest possible way." I see it somewhat like the man who told Jesus, "I believe. Help my unbelief." I know that is a totally different context but I see that man echoing my thoughts: "here is what I have. I will trust you to use it." Good thoughts today my friend.
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  • thanks Krissy 🙂 welcome to my blog and i hope you will find it interesting 🙂

  • "… After the third time, it became a prayer…" This happens to many times in my life. IF I just slow down and repeat the words of a chorus, it becomes a prayer. My heart slows. My day slows. And I find myself "having coffee and chatting" with the King of Kings.

    Thanks for the post!
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    • "having coffee and chatting" with the King of Kings definitely sounds very welcoming. i think i might do that a bit later when i'll get a break at work… (i mean, actually have coffee and chat with Him…)

      songs are amazing. they have the way of getting right into your heart the way spoken words can't… and the music helps even more…

  • i completely understand you about forgetting to take a moment with Him because we get too involved in whatever we're doing, and afterwards being too tired for His Word. that has been a major struggle for me lately.

    *hugs* have a good weekend, Ani 🙂

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